50 Faces

As part of this significant milestone anniversary, 50 individuals have been selected from U of T Mississauga's (UTM) past and present community. This project was created to celebrate those who have influenced or been influenced by UTM over the past 50 years. Featuring staff, faculty, students, alumni and community members, 50 Faces showcases the types of outstanding individuals who have contributed to the legacy of our campus.

Hosted by the Office of Research, be sure to also check out 50 for 50: Celebration of Research. These 50 profiles feature faculty, students and artifacts that have significantly influenced the research landscape and environment at UTM.

Lee Bailey
Associate Professor
Rumeet Billan
Bonnie Crombie
Mayor, UTM supporter
William Davis
Former Premier of Ontario | Alumnus
Paul Donoghue
Chief Administrative Officer
Paul Fox
Faculty, Principal
Ulrich Krull
Interim Vice-President and Principal
Richie Mehta
Jerry Melbye
Professor, Emeritus
Desmond Morton
Faculty, Principal
Ian Orchard
Faculty, Principal
Judy Poe
R.Scott Prosser
Rosemary Sulivan
Professor Emeritus
John Switzer
J. Tuzo Wilson
Faculty, Principal
Patrick Young
Founding Artistic Director, Theatre Erindale