Office of the Vice-Dean, Graduate

Welcome message from the Vice-Dean, Graduate

The University of Toronto Mississauga is home to a wide range of graduate students, both in the research and professional streams. We have more than 4 decades of experience supervising graduate students in numerous disciplines, providing training and guidance in their quest for a successful postgraduate career. I have been at this campus for nearly 40 years, and have witnessed its growth into a world-class institution, and that growth has been accompanied by a spectacular growth in graduate training. More recently, the graduate student population has been enhanced through a series of new professional programs offered or supported by UTM’s new Institute for Management and Innovation (IMI), including biomedical communication, biotechnology, management, accounting, innovation and sustainability. IMI’s mandate includes engaging the community in its activities, thereby enriching the experience of our graduate students.

The faculty and staff at UTM compare with the best in the World and, yet, the scale is such that graduate students are nurtured and mentored on an individual basis. UTM is a place where graduate students are encouraged to engage in both knowledge sharing and knowledge creation.  The environment at UTM allows students to embrace path-breaking research, critical classroom pedagogy, and also to embark on a rich world of exploration and creativity.

The Office of the Vice Dean, Graduate, is located in the William G. Davis Building, DV 3200. As of July 1, 2014, I have taken on the duties and responsibilities of this office, and look forward to working with faculty, staff, and students. My mandate includes enhancing the overall mission of UTM at the graduate level, and it is my pleasure to work with the wonderful graduate students that are an essential part of the campus. Overall, I would like to help provide graduate students with everything they need to excel in terms of both innovation and engagement, and see the position as Vice-Dean, Graduate, as an opportunity to enhance the graduate student experience on this campus. As part of this process my office will also work with students to help them take advantage of cultural and social opportunities both on and off campus.

The door of the Vice Dean Graduate Office is open to both current and prospective graduate students.  Throughout my term I plan to engage faculty and graduate students directly in my quest to enhance the graduate experience at UTM.


Prof. Robert Reisz
Vice Dean, Graduate

vice dean graduate