Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Sherry - Associate Registrar, Student Success


My tip for you: If you use UTM Mobile to see the walk-in line status trends, you can avoid lineups at our Express Desk to see a staff member ASAP!

About me: Having worked in the Hong Kong office, the Rotman School of Management and the School of Continuing Studies, I join UTM with nearly 15 years of experience at U of T in community outreach, international student recruitment, program development, student advising and business development.

My team and I are here to support UTM students from first year to graduation. Our amazing team of Advisors and Student Success Representatives help you navigate the rules and policies that govern your U of T degree. Please do not hesitate to see us if you have questions about your program, courses, financial aid or scholarships.




The Front-Line Team

Lynne - Assistant Registrar, Front Line Services


My tip for you: There's so much more to university life than your courses. Expand your horizons and explore options. Talk to everyone so don't be afraid to say hello to the student sitting beside you!

About me: After spending four amazing years studying on the St. George campus and working at Enrolment Services, I knew U of T was the place for me.  Upon graduating from University College with a BCom degree, I decided to give back to the University.  So I joined Counselling and Learning Skills Services then went on to be part of the registrarial team at New College. After three years at New, I transferred to UTM, and it has been the best decision ever!  Despite growing up in Toronto, I enjoy the suburban life in Mississauga, especially the tranquility and beautiful scenery found throughout our campus.  UTM is just steps away from nature and if you are lucky like me, you will encounter deer sightings on campus. 

Whether you simply need directions on campus or you have registration questions, drop by our office and ask us. We are here to help!  I look forward to your visit. 


Carol - Student Success Representative

Photo of Carol
My tip for you: Get to know the Timetable! Carefully view, and learn to read the information on the site to help you during course enrolment.  Learn and understand the differences of various types of Enrolment Controls. This will help you when planning your timetable and troubleshooting when courses requested are being blocked from enrolment. As always, we're here to help!
About me: I joined the Office of the Registrar at UTM in January 1989 and realized almost immediately that I had found my perfect job!
I have always enjoyed the one on one contact with the students, from first year, confused and nervous students, to final, mature and excited graduating students!
My hope is that I was able to in some way help them on their journey.   It has always been a challenging, forever changing, and extremely rewarding experience for me.




Stacey - Student Success Representative

StaceyMy tip for you: Take a nature break! Check out all of the beautiful trails and wildlife around campus.

About me: I completed my undergraduate degree at UTM not too long ago. I did an Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Art and Art History. During the 3rd year of my undergraduate degree I started working at the Office of the Registrar as a work-study student. This gave me the opportunity to see the university from both the student and administrative side of things. Shortly after completing my degree I started working full-time at the Office of the Registrar.









Jenn - Student Success Representative


My tip for you: Check out our FAQ page - the answer to your question might already be here! 

About me: I started at UTM as an undergraduate student where I double majored in English and Communication, Culture, Information & Technology (CCIT). During my second-year, I began working part-time at the Office of the Registrar as a work-study student where I gained valuable work experience and the opportunity to help students like myself. It also offered me the unique perspective of the university from both an administrative and student standpoint. After graduating from UTM with an Honours Bachelor of Arts, I was thrilled to join the Office at the Registrar on a full-time basis where I can continue to support students along their university journey. Have any course enrolment or registration questions? Don't be afraid to drop by, we're here to help! 


Truc - Student Success Representative


My tip for you: Use the U of T Financial Planning Calculator to help you budget and be financially prepared for the school year!

About me: As a Student Success Representative in UTM’s Office of the Registrar, you may recognize me from the Express Desk. Growing up in Mississauga, I wanted to stay close to home and chose UTM for my undergraduate studies. It was the best decision ever. Fast forward to 10 years later, I have so many things to thank UTM for: I graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science in a double major in Psychology and Women & Gender Studies, and a minor in History; a rewarding career in Student Success after having a work-study opportunity; and for the many connections I have made with colleagues, faculty and students from this campus.

I recently graduated with a Masters of Education at U of T’s OISE while juggling full-time work/life/family commitments. The procrastination, last minute cramming and stress of being a student are still fresh in my memory! Navigating the university from the very beginning to the finale can be confusing, so don’t be afraid to ask for help because there are so many on-campus resources to take advantage of. I look forward to meeting you when you drop by.

Carmela - Student Success Representative

My tip for you: Keep your address, and contact information phone numbers updated on ACORN. 

About me: I have worked in the Office of the Registrar for over 20 years and have a vast amount of knowledge, especially in the areas of financial aid and scholarships. I’ve been fortunate to watch this campus grow from thousands to tens of thousands of students and witness the expansion of buildings along the way! The campus has many green spaces to enjoy, which I take in on my walk to work. I look forward to speaking with you and providing you with information that can help you be successful.


The Academic Advisors

Laura - Lead Academic Advisor


My tip for you: University is a little bit about taking risks. Don’t be afraid to try a new type of course, student club, food on campus or make new friends. You will grow as a student and person and be amazed at how far you’ve come!

About me: I attended York University and earned a BSc with a major in Biology. While studying at York, I was able to meet budding new scientists as a student advisor for newly admitted students. I also have a Veterinary Technician Diploma from Seneca College. After a few years working in both clinical and research animal health settings, I changed direction….in a big way! My first administrative role at U of T was at St. George in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science - First Year Office, where I was the first friendly face first year Engineering students met when they came into the office. I’ve worked at U of T for over 10 years, and I started as an Academic Advisor at UTM in September 2011. I’m currently working on my Masters of Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, and enjoying being immersed in both relevant policy and publications. What I really love about UTM is the sense of community, collaboration and impressive green space. I’ve had the opportunity to wander around some beautiful trails on campus, and you wouldn’t even know you were still at a university! Please come and see us in the Office of the Registrar so we can help support your academic goals! 

Violet - Academic Advisor

My tip for you: Use the Timetracker (an online student time management tool) to help you stay organized!  
About me: My journey to UTM began many years ago. I followed what I thought was my calling, studying Nursing at Ryerson, but soon realized that sciences were not my strength. I transferred to UTM and earned a B.A. degree in English Literature.
I was the first person in my family to attend university, and found myself very comfortable on the UTM campus. In my final year, I worked as a UTM Career Centre volunteer and developed knowledge and skills that prepared me to enter the workforce. I worked in the fields of arts administration and publishing before returning to UTM in to work in student services and administration. 
As a lifelong learner, while working at UTM I went back to school part-time. I earned a B.Ed. in Adult Education from Brock University (2009), and a M.Ed. in Leadership, Adult and Higher Education from University of Toronto, focusing on international education (2013).  I love to travel, and have visited 47 countries on 6 continents. 
As an Academic Advisor, the most satisfying part of my job is helping students achieve their personal and academic goals, and encouraging their intellectual growth from first year through to graduation. I look forward to meeting you!

Jessica - Academic Advisor

My tip for you: Do you have academic questions or concerns?Drop by the Registrar’s Office and meet with an academic advisor. We care about your success; we’re here for YOU! My motto is, "keep right on till the end of the road." There may be some bumps during your journey, but at the end, achieving your degree will have been worth the journey. We’re here to help make that journey as smooth as possible.
About me: Since completing a diploma at Sheridan College and earning a BA from UTM (English and Philosophy), I have worked in student services  for over 22 years, the last 8+ of those years as an academic advisor, a job I love. The most gratifying part of my job is making a difference, helping make students’ experience here a positive one. Having been a student and now an employee has allowed me to relate to both sides.  
UTM has grown over the years, but it has not changed in the fact it’s a great place to be.   Working for a world recognized university in such a natural setting and serving students is an honour.  
In my free time I love to travel the world; a learning experience in itself.  

Ron - Academic Advisor


My tip for you: Monitor your progress to graduation using Degree Explorer, which will help you track the completion of your degree and program requirements.

About me: My name is Ron Racioppo and I am currently working in the Office of the Registrar as an Academic Advisor. I have worked at the University of Toronto for 19 years, and have been here at UTM for 12 years.

I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in June 2014 with a major in Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies and a double minor in Canadian Studies and Political Science. In addition to my fantastic job, my experience as a recent graduate of the University of Toronto Mississauga gave me the opportunity to see things from both an administrative and student perspective.

I’m a sports minded guy that loves my hometown Maple Leafs even if they don’t love me back. I can be found on campus in the Tim Horton’s line or hard at work in my office meeting with students.

UTM is a great place to work, where I have met several super talented colleagues and some very intelligent student friends. Working, attending classes and graduating from UTM has certainly changed my life in a positive manner. I wish you all the best when making your academic plans for the future.


Darcy - Academic Advisor

Photo of Darcy

My tip for you:  Keep a close eye on your University of Toronto email account!  This is the university’s official way of communicating with you.  Check it regularly, and always read the emails sent to you by the Office of the Registrar.  We send out lots of helpful resources, instructions, and reminders to your email address that may help you avoid missing a deadline or having to wait in line!

About me: Hi everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your time at UTM!  I loved being a part of the university experience so much, that I made it my career.  I received my undergraduate degree from York University, an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, and my graduate degree from the University of Toronto, a Master of Education in Higher Education.  While I first worked at the St. George campus, I was thrilled to join UTM and become part of its unique and vibrant community.  I hope you'll always feel welcome to come visit us in the Office of the Registrar – we’re here to help!




The Financial Aid Team

Bridgette - Assistant Registrar, Financial Aid & Scholarships


My tip for you: Apply for financial assistance early! If you plan to study during the Fall/Winter, it is best to submit your application and all supporting documentation no later than the end of June.

About me: I graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics for Commerce, and a Certificate in Human Resource Management. My desire to remain connected to the university environment led me to apply for my first administrative position as a Transcript Clerk in the Office of the Registrar at York University. Who knew that 6 months later a position would become available in Financial Aid, and I would begin a career assisting students in an area of work that has become my passion. After working for 15 years as a Financial Aid Advisor at York University, I moved to Montreal, QC where I spent 8 years as a Graduate Awards Advisor at Concordia University.  Toronto has always been my home; so when I moved back to the city, I was thrilled to be presented with an opportunity to join the Financial Aid team at UTM.  UTM is a great place to work, and study; it's a beautiful campus!

Navigating the process to receive OSAP or other Financial Aid assistance can often be intimidating, and confusing.  Stop by the Office of the Registrar to see us - we are here to do our best to help! 


Francis - Financial Aid Advisor


My tip for you:  Instead of waiting in line, take a look at the FORMS section on the Office of the Registrar website.  Many of our services may be requested online from the comfort of your home and an internet connection.  Wear out your keyboard, and not your shoes!

About me: So, who among you stood up to say you would grow up to be a financial aid advisor on Career Day back in elementary school? I think I wanted to be a doctor or a scientist.  This demonstrates how university can be a mind-altering and transformative experience. 

What began as a simple summer job at the former Office of Admissions (now Enrolment Services) to help pay for tuition has evolved into a 27-year association with the University of Toronto.  My last six years have been spent here at UTM and I cannot think of a better or more supportive environment at the university.  I hope that you will also find your university experience equally as transformative and life-changing.



Andrea - Financial Aid Advisor


My tip for you:  No question is too big or too small.  If you have a question or concern, or simply need clarity; come in and ask one of us for advice.

About me:  Of all the places I have worked in and communities I have been a part of, I can say my experience here at the University of Toronto at Mississauga is one of the best thus far.

I spent the last 15 years living, working and going to school in the United States in a completely different capacity, religion. I received my BA in Ministerial Theology and Master of Divinity with the hopes of being able to help people work through the tragic events of their lives, and I did, I became a Chaplain and crisis counselor. I worked at the Washington Hospital Center and Howard University in Washington D.C, but it was something about being with students that fueled me and made me feel good about the work that I was doing.

Upon moving back to Canada, I struggled with finding a place that I could use my unique skills and still work with people. My search led me here, the University of Toronto Mississauga. I could not be happier! 

Thank you for welcoming me here to UTM and making me feel at home. It is my endeavor to be the best I can be while I serve you as one of the Financial Aid Advisors in the Office of the Registrar.

Mark - Financial Aid Advisor


About me: I have been part of the UTM community for 4 years now, but have worked in financial aid for 7 years. I’ve spent more than half of my life in roles oriented around helping people from all walks of life. I graduated from McMaster University with a Honours BA, double majoring in Sociology and Communications. I also have a post-graduate certificate in Human Resources Management from Mohawk College.

Without financial aid I would have never been able to attend post-secondary school. So I guess it’s only fitting that I spend my day helping students get the financial resources they need. UTM is a great place. It has a close community feel to it. I often describe it as an oasis in the concrete jungle.

If you ever have questions or need assistance, we are here for you. Feel free to come in.


Olha - Manager, Academic Culture & English Program


My tip for you: If you are a student whose first language is not  English, I encourage you to use the resources available to you, such as the English Language Learning Support and to make as many connections with your English speaking peers as possible. It will make your university experiences more enjoyable, and you will become more comfortable with your learning environment!

About me: I began working at the University of Toronto Mississauga as a UTM Library Student Assistant in 2005. This first work experience opened the doors to an incredible and rewarding career within Student Services.

Before assuming my current role of Manger, ACE Program at the UTM Office of the Registrar, I worked in various progressive positions at the UTM Library and the Faculty of Engineering at St. George campus. My work experience has evolved around helping students to understand various University services, policies, and procedures. While working at the Library I realized that in order to provide better services to the University community, I needed to expand my own knowledge. This inspired me to pursue studies in Higher Education. I hold Honours Bachelor of Arts in Art and Art History and a Masters of Education in Higher Education degrees from the University of Toronto.

I feel very excited and privileged about coming back to my “home” campus and helping UTM community with their questions.