Students are encouraged to select electives that allow them to focus on their individual areas of interest. For this reason the MMI Program does not impose a selection of electives for students to choose from. Students are free to choose from all graduate courses across all disciplines at the University of Toronto. All selections are subject to approval in advance by the Program Director and the Chair of the host department.

Some sample electives:

Electives offered by our affiliated Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evalution (IHPME):

HAD 5010H    Canada's Health System and Health Policy

HAD 5741H    Health Law

HAD 5768H    International Health

HAD 5735       Commercialization of Health Research

HAD 5736H    Operations Research: Tools for Quantitative Health Care Desicison


IRE1610H      Industrial Relations

APS1001H    Project Management

APS1011H    Concepts and Application of Authentic Leadership

APS1013H     Applying Innovation in Engineering

CSC2527H    The Business of Software

JPG1407H     Efficient Use of Energy

JEI1901H       Technology, Society and the Environment

CHL5411H     International Health

PLA1503H     Planning and Social Policy

ENV1001H     Environmental Decision Making

MIE5561H      Decision Analysis