What's the occasion?

Whether it’s an interview, an employer information session or a job fair, you want to make the best first impression.

You may want to think of your attire as a part of your visual resume. It acts as another avenue to convey interest and respect for those giving you their time, and wrap up all the great qualities you have to offer in a matching set of great clothes.

Selecting the right clothing begins with identifying the occasion. Some common options include (but, are not limited to) job interviews, employer information sessions, and job fairs.

If you are interviewing for an entry level position, dress like the manager does. Remember, it is ALWAYS safer to be overdressed!

Check your Email

The invitation or reminder may specify Business Formal/Professional or Business Casual attire, which gives you a clear idea of how you should dress. It also indicates that the other attendees, presenters, interviewers or hosts will also be dressed in this way, and they will expect that you do as well.

Following the dress code demonstrates that you pay attention to information that you are given, and you are interested in the opportunity that has come your way.

If a dress code is not specified, think about who will be attending and what opportunity is at stake for you. For example, if you are attending a job fair you should be prepared to interact with representatives from the organizations that you may wish to work for.

Occasion Chart

Occasion How to Determine?
Job Interview Do your research
Informational Interview Do your research
Intern/Extern Placement Do your research
UTM Employer Information Session Check reminder email
UTM Networking Breakfast or Conference Check reminder email
UTM Job Fair at the RAWC Business casual / Do your research
UTM Off-Campus Employer Reception Check reminder email / Do your research


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