Arbor Awards

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The Arbor Awards were created in 1989 to recognize volunteers for their outstanding personal service to the University of Toronto. Since then, the University has annually acknowledged those whose loyalty, dedication and generosity have added immeasurably to the quality of the experience for students, faculty, staff and alumni.

We are proud to honour and celebrate the contributions of these exceptional volunteers.

Nominations closed May 2015. 

2015 University of Toronto Mississauga recipients:

Rumeet Billan
Kevin Golding
Richie Mehta
Douglas Varty

2014 University of Toronto Mississauga recipients:

Neil Davis
Shalini Dharna Kibsey
Sheldon Leiba

2013 University of Toronto Mississauga recipients:

Carol Bisnath
John David
Kris Kibsey
Cheryl Sloan

2012 University of Toronto Mississauga recipients:

Rosemary and Al Sobanski
Kevin Canning
Ivana Di Millo
Cindy Ross Pederson

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