College Transfer

Admission Requirements

Minimum required cumulative grade point average (CGPA) to be considered for admission varies by program:

Commerce, Life Sciences, Management, Theatre & Drama  3.3 CGPA (high 70s)
All other programs  3.0 CGPA (mid 70s)

Prerequisite courses vary by program. Consult the UTM Viewbook for program requirements. U of T Mississauga accepts Grade 12 U courses or two full college semesters of an academic subject as prerequisite.


  • UTM accepts high school Grade 12 U courses or two full college semesters of an academic subject as prerequisites. Two semesters of college math will meet Advanced Functions requirements. Where Calculus & Vectors is required, one of the two semesters of college math must be calculus.
  • For Commerce and Management, transfer students must complete 4.0 credits at U of T/UTM prior to being considered for invitation to a program (Accounting, Finance, Economics (BCom), Management, HR and Industrial Relations, Marketing). 

Application Process

Step 1: Submit an Application on OUAC

Applications are currently closed. Applications to begin studies in September 2018 will open in October 2017 at

Step 2: Submit Documentation

Ensure that your official high school, post-secondary transcripts (from all institutions you have attended), and an English proficiency results (if applicable – see are sent to U of T.

You can mail these documents to Enrolment Services, University of Toronto, 172 St. George Street, Toronto, ON M5R 0A3 or have them submitted directly to U of T via the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) for a fee.

Once we receive your completed application from OUAC we will send you information about required documents and deadlines.

Applications are assessed on an ongoing basis and space is limited. You should submit your application and all necessary documents as early as possible.

Transfer Credit

If you receive an offer of admission, we will assess your previous studies for transfer credit(s). You can find more information about the transfer credit process at

College Pathway Agreements

U of T Mississauga has partnered with local college General Arts & Science diploma programs to simplify and enhance the transfer process from these institutions. To date we have partnered with Humber College, Mohawk College, Niagara College, Sheridan College, and George Brown College.

All other colleges and programs will be assessed on a case by case basis. U of T Mississauga grants a maximum of 5.0 transfer credits (towards a 20.0 credit U of T degree) to students who have completed the requirements for a three-year college diploma (note: for Commerce and Management applicants, the maximum is 3.5 transfer credits). Students with a two-year college diploma receive a maximum of 3.0 transfer credits. We award 0.5 course credit for 2 college courses of similar type (e.g. science, social science, or humanities) and 1.0 course credit for 3 for college course of similar type.

U of T Mississauga will only transfer credits for successfully completed courses with a minimum grade of C- or 60%.